Zyyions: A limited History.

The problem is that very little is know about Zyyions. What can only be described as a world-wide magical storm, visible from just about any location in the Myythic world called Adonia, was the birthing cause for these Zyyions.

The origins of this magical storm is unknown. The human king, King Alexander, called for his Dispellers to attempt to counter the magical effects of this storm. With absolutely disastrous results the first causalities of this new war are the Dispellers trying to stop this new and deadly magic. Hundreds of Dispellers either died or injured in the attempt to shut down this storm.

On the second large contention called Decite, a major magical wind storm picked up. in the middle of the storm are animals: deers, wolfs, bears, and some birds. When the storm finally came to an end. The results of the the combination of all the local wildlife blended together by an origin of evil magic arose the first sound of the new race on Adonia: Zyyions.

Humanoid in look, they stand on two legs, have two arms, and powered by a magical armor know current weapon can break into. With the ability to have intelligent thought, the designer of this creation just made an enemy with the ability to be self-sufficient without much guidance from the maker.

Magic is a toy for them. They produce a magical fire on any blade or weapon they pick up. This Fire blade burns hotter than the sun, and makes any blade capable of slicing armor like a hot knife through butter. This magical armor allows the Zyyions to hit harder, weapons extremely deadly, and an arsenal of highly deadly spells. Zyyions would be unstoppable if it wasn't for 3 things!!!

  • They have limited numbers. It is to early in their history, based on how they are created, if they can reproduce on their own. They are outnumbered: Human, Elf, and Dwarf army versus the Zyyion army is easily 10 to 1. Yet the armor they have allows them to take on 4.5 to 1 Zyyion warrior.
  • They have no ships to travel over the sea. They can open small personal portals, but they can not use this to mass a large scale attack because portals are two unstable for that many.
  • Dispellers!! The number #1 enemy of this race. If a Dispeller can shut down this armor, the Zyyions become defenseless.

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