One know FACT: GLADE never stays in one location for more than 24 hours.


Simply, and yes simply put, its a land location.

Fishermen have claimed to have seen GLADE: as the back of a Giant Turtle or Whale, with fruit and berries the size of three human heads.

Some have claimed to have seen it in the middle of Hell's Fingers volcanic lava flow unaffected by fire all around it.

Yet the majority of Human thinking is that glade moves mostly inside the area of the Shadow Elves. Yet, the High Order of the Shadow Elves is denying that GLADE exists. The Ambassador, on the other hand, to the Human King Alexander, will "Unofficially Acknowledge" that his people are fully aware of Glade.


The look of GLADE changes each time it appears. With what little sightings and a lot of Rumors being told, its is estimated that know logical order of what type of environment shows up.

Water spotting of the GLADE are the most common among fishermen and even some in the Royal Navy. Some claimed that Glade had the look of a deep jungle, while another saw a water-fall and a crystal clear lake all on the top of a Whale.

A soldier, on patrol near Camp Alex, claims he saw GLADE when the rugged terrain became the look of a tropical island, like Kings Command Island, a place he went to many years ago. He claimed that air was perfect, and the wildlife he saw was the biggest he had ever seen. Yet when he left and brought others from his Company back the location was gone. GLADE was gone.

Physical Factor:

It was not until the Church was able to establish places of worship in all the human capitals that record keeping and sharing began to flow freely and at a more rapid pace. When medical records started flowing around a common factor showed up. A number of men are living longer and even in old age, are still in perfect health.

The church wanting to see if this was a type of Blessing from Thelica, the priests went to interview these men. The common factor was: They all claimed to have seen and been inside of GLADE. Total number of these men - 18.

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