Until the arrival of the Zyyions, Dispellers are seen as outcasts.

Once upon a time ago, in an age far far way from us, Dispellers had other names. Mages, Witches, Warlocks, and Sorcerers. Slowly each of these classes became "Evil" against the church and the following of Thelica. Warlocks and Witches became hunted down, and Mages and Sorcerers became reduced to dispelling magical effects of anything still "Evil".

Unknown to the "Magi Counsel" (A unrecognized gathering of "Dispellers" of the King and his Royal Court), a law is being drafted in the Royal Senate to disband the use of Dispellers, making them outlaws.

The sudden appearance of the Zyyions, and the Twisted Magic they have forced this act from becoming law.


For thousands of years magic was openly used in this world. Schools of magic existed in each human capital and in the capital of the Shadow Elves. The Cone of Call was one of many University's in Cynderglade for the arts for Mages. Wizards and other types of magic uses had University's of "Thoughts".

Recruiters from Universities would visit towns or follow up on rumors of gifted children in language and exceptional knowledge in mathematics. Parents of children would get paid to have those children moved to the university. Parents would have access four times a year to visit as the cost of the University for a two day visit.

Universities would be in competition with each other "Banning" contact with other students of "Thoughts". Although violence was never condoned, it could not be reported that students from other "Thoughts" taunted others resulting in .... Unauthorized Use Of Magic.


The Blue Staff of Humanity.

The creation of this powerful weapon is unknown. It is a melee weapon, but considering how hard it hits, many believe that this is a magical weapon. And Magical weapons simply can't be used by order of the King Alexander and the church.

The Golden Mask.

Dispellers, even though they don't like it, are in charge of bring Ant-Magic to those magic uses still trying to use Magic. Since they protest being used in this fasion, they hide behind a mask so others spell casters will not see who they are.

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