Cynderglade is oldest known location on Adonia. The exception to this could be argued that GLADE is older, but the Shadow Elves don't talk and barley even say it's real. If legend is true, Glade never stays in the same place for more than 24 hours. So Cynderglade, on this augment, is the longest location.

Even though the Shadow Elves have lived longer, they have moved and relocated. By the time of -10745 Wields, the Humans have been established and Cynderglade was the home. This was the time the Shadow Elves moved off the Mountains and onto the plains and established Kailven, the home city for themselves.

Cynderglade has never been invaded, but this wouldn't have been true if Elvish priests from The Temple of Alimar (after a the war the Human started in -10428 thru -10401, ) had not reminded the Shadow Elf kings a holy passage of mercy from a holy book, Cynderglade might have been leveled and the humans would have been eliminated.

Humans Bounce Back.

Since religion convinced the Shadow Elves not to destroy them, the humans since that time found religion in Thelica and found peace since then. Not to say wars and conflicts haven't hit Cynderglade, peace came about in the knowledge of something more powerful and full of truth watch over them.

Without a war raged thinking anymore, the humans are able to comeback in numbers. They focused instead on education, technology, farming, and advancements.


Cynderglade is the home of the King.

Even though two other Human Capitals have formed with laws and traditions custom to them, humans have decided not to break up the kingdom and still follow order from Cynderglade. Each capital has a senate yet the Royal Senate must pass all laws and signed by the king. The royal senate doesn't need passage of laws from the other two senates to make their own laws that all humans need to follow. This causes a lot of confusion and resentment on a political level.


Cynderglade is responsible for raising 2/3 of the royal army leaving the other two capitals and even the Shadow Elves and Dwarfs to fill in the other 1/3. On the other hand, the royal navy is composed of 50% human ships and 50% Shadow Elves ships.

The human ships are dedicated in tracking defector human mages and spell casters trying to leave Cynderglade and defect to the Zyyions to learn their dark magic since Cynderglade has banned magic as evil. The shadow elves are dedicated to tracking the Pirate class living on the Coastal Island Cities. These ships float several inches off the water and can out run any know ship in the Royal Fleet. A naval battle has never happened since the Pirate ships simply out run anything after them.

Paladins, the right hand of authority of the king, are Cynderglades (the Kings) responsibility to keep, raise, and maintain the number of needed forces. Paladins only live in Cynderglade unless ordered only by the King to report to other bases and locations. Currenly 50% of Paladins are stationed at Bladefall, on the seconded continent dealing with the Zyyion threat with the rest of the Royal Army. The Royal Arm and the Paladins are at edge with each other.


The city is an amazing city. It shines in a Holy White color as the Human Church is the tallest building in the city. Cynderglade has been blessed with loyal kings to its subjects, and those that live in city feel loyal to the king. Fifty percent of earnings go to the King, but the King makes sure that the money is spent as it should be.

Filled with parks, statues, shopping markets, and the largest shipping dock in the know world, Cynderglade can't be out done in its marvels. Cynderglade is a place all dream of visiting at some point, or even better, to live in. The streets are always clean and the poor (yes even poverty does still exist) are looked after.


Something is growing in the shadows of Cynderglade.

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